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Your case tells a story, make it a good one.

Our cases are completely handmade, by a very small group of dedicated people that love what they do. Computer guided machines (CNCs or laser cutters) are faster, but a machine cannot strive for perfection like a craftsman.

We are not only craftsmen, we are designers. To do things right, we build everything from the ground up: from cases, to our website, to packaging and photography. In fact, all of the photos on this site are customers’ orders.

We hand cut, assemble, and finish each frame from solid hardwoods, producing less waste, and providing more options with finer materials. Plywood is a potential health hazard, and a subpar material that easily chips, splinters, and weakens.

Our never-fail, no-gimmick rubber corners grip your tablet securely - not too tight, not too loose. Every piece is hand-cut and every frame is test fit.

We take the time to properly bind our books to have smooth edges. Others use a 45-degree fold, which is less time-consuming and leaves sharp corners. We use a high quality, soft faux leather for all of our covers, not economy materials like Morocco, Bonded Leather, or Buckram.

Cover and liner materials are tailored by hand, then laid into the book form with an even layer of hand-applied, archival adhesive.

We place an incredible amount of time into the smallest details of our cases. Just as Rolls Royce has one person that pinstripes their cars, one person builds every accent.

From the beginning, we wanted to build an eco-friendly case. We’ve kept that promise, and then some, by using animal-friendly materials and glues, renewable wood, recycled paper for packaging, and water-based or natural finishes.